Friday, November 02, 2007

Soularize 07

So I have a ton of things to talk about with this (we just got back into town). But unfortunately this is a busy week at school (it's amazingly busy when you come back after purposefully unplugging for a week -- pages and pages of email to sort through).

But to give you bit of a taste...What do you get when you put Bishop Tom Wright, Father Richard Rohr, and me on a boat? About 50 reef sharks who want a visit!

I had a wonderful time at Soularize '07 and I plan on writing more about my talks with Rita Brock about her new book "Saving Paradise," about how she and NT Wright might actually start building off one another's theologies, visiting the local art scene in the Bahamas ( check out John Cox, and even finally meeting folks like BJ Woodworth.

Anyways. Gotta run. More to come I promise!